The Green Wicket Animal Sanctuary

The Green Wicket Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity (No:297066) that relies totallly on the generosity of public donations to fund it. The charity has been established for 25 years based in Egerton, Kent the South East and is solely managed by it's founder, Violetta Bissonnette and co-founder, Sharon Bissonnette.

The charity is an animal sanctuary for neglected, abused and abandoned animals, rescuing mainly by referrals from the public, field work,the police and other fellow charities. The animal sanctuary has a policy unlike most other sanctuary's, where they ensure that any animal rescued are either rehomed after being nursed back to full health or if they are diagnosed with long term health problems or/and have a disability that can not be rehabillitated they will remain with in the safety of the animal sanctuary's care until natural death. The animal sanctuary will not destroy any of the animals after a maximum period of stay due to unsuccessful rehoming,

The animal santuary sources suitable homes by a process of assessment and if the new home is successful in meeting the requirements of the animal sanctuary's standards they will be allowed to provide a new home for the rescued animal. The founder, Violetta Bissonnette and the co-founder, Sharon Bissonnette will be the assessors and point of contact for the follow up visit and periodic checks by phone, which is neccessary to gain important feedback to see if the placement has been a success and the welfare of the animal is being maintained.

The animal sanctuary also provides boarding facilities that are second to none and also offer very competitive rates which are inclusive of heating and food and also with some loving thrown in for free. Fees can be obtained either by phone or on appointment, the sanctuary does have limited spaces. The boarding helps to raise monies to support the sanctuary, so when you do board you will be helping the charity to continue to do its work by saving lifes."

           Registered Charity Number: 297066